image of Charlie 2018 by Lee Grant

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The winner of the 2018 National Photographic Portrait Prize was Lee Grant for her portrait of Charlie.

Highly Commended: Filomena Rizzo, My Olivia.

Art Handlers’ Award: Stephanie Simcox, Joey.

People’s Choice Award: Harold David, The Honourable Bob Hawke savouring a strawberry milkshake.

image of Katherine, NT / Harrietville, VIC 2018 by Rhett Hammerton
image of Scarred 2018 by Nicole Wells
image of Self-portrait of a girl I used to know 2018 by Holly Granville-Edge
image of Breakfast with bats 2018 by Doug Gimesy
image of Sudan Peace, Australia 2018 by Hego
image of The great echo chamber 2018 by Dianne Jones
image of Distracted 2018 by Lara Del Arte
image of Joey 2018 by Stephanie Simcox
image of The Honourable Bob Hawke savouring a strawberry milkshake 2018 by Harold David
image of Stella #1 2018 by Michele Aboud
image of Lyu with orchid 2018 by David Rosetzky
image of Tre, Dubbo 2018 by David Prichard
image of The girls 2018 by Tamara Dean
image of Shaymaa 2018 by Stuart Miller
image of eX de Medici, artist 2018 by Gary Grealy
image of Amanda 2018 by Bill Gekas
image of My Olivia 2018 by Filomena Rizzo
image of In Doubt 2018 by Eva Collins
image of Charlie 2018 by Lee Grant
image of Look at me (I) 2018 by Saleheh Gholami
image of Kayla 2018 by Stuart Miller
image of Untitled 2018 by Emma Phillips
image of Blue Mountains escape 2018 by George Voulgaropoulos
image of Charlotte 2018 by Laura Sikes
image of Meagan Pelham 2018 by Lyndal Irons
image of The arrival 2018 by Renée Stamatova
image of Two ways/A dualistic system 2018 by Dave Laslett
image of Mr Zee (Wet plate collodion image) 2018 by Scott Andrews
image of The Migrant 2018 by Jacqui Stockdale
image of Tracey Moffatt dreaming 2018 by James Horan
image of John Patten (Johnny Jarrett), 1958 Australian bantamweight boxing champion 2018 by Tiffany Garvie
image of Roo shooter’s offsider 2018 by Adam Ferguson
image of Yahir, waiting to live again 2018 by Joel Pratley
image of The spirit walker 2018 by Alex Ellinghausen
image of Mum 2018 by Joel Pratley
image of The Capability 2018 by Anna Sinclair
image of Chaos 1 from series Negotiating the family portrait 2018 by Marzena Wasikowska
image of Engagement, 8 2018 by Timothy Coad
image of Yassmin Abdel-Magied 2018 by Adrian Cook
image of ‘New home new life’ Arwin 2017 2018 by Zia Atahi
image of A weekend at Edie’s 2018 by Kristyn Jones
image of The Queen of Deakin 2018 by Julia Cameron
image of Bodie 2018 by Brett Canet-Gibson