Antonio Tisano, 2008 by Vittoria Dussoni

image of Antonio Tisano 2008 by Vittoria Dussoni

Artist's statement

The portrait of Antonio Tisano is part of a project called 'Italians in Australia; looking back'. With these portraits I document Italians who came to Australia in the 50's and 60's. People who have worked hard and who often had difficulty dealing with a new language and culture. Through the portraits the sitters speak of themselves and their past without the need of words. The subjects look back at their past and at the viewer with strength. Antonio Tisano arrived in Australia in 1960 from Calabria with his wife and children. What he went through due to family difficulties I have got no words to describe. Just like his general attitude in life, in the portrait he looks at us without seeking pity or even understanding; nevertheless his pain stares out. When the portrait was taken it was raining.