Barry & Alkirra – The House in Carrington, 2014 by Katherine Williams

image of Barry & Alkirra – The House in Carrington 2014 by Katherine Williams

Artist's statement

Barry, 17, cuddles with his newborn baby girl Alkirra. He will stay with his girlfriend Stevie, 17, for the first few days. Stevie’s sister, Sami, was also 17 when she had her baby and their mum, Jenny, was 16 when she had her first. Now they all live together in this house in Carrington. My parents are 70, I am 32, and I have no children. My life could not be more different than that of Jenny, Sami or Stevie’s. But over the years that I have been documenting them, we have found common ground and become friends.

Highly commended, National Photographic Portrait Prize 2015.