Cactus World, Lester Meyers, 2014 by Man Tsun Cheung

image of Cactus World, Lester Meyers 2014 by Man Tsun Cheung

Artist's statement

On a road trip from Brisbane to Melbourne we headed inland through New South Wales. As we sped past Gilgandra along the main strip my friend and I noticed a house whose front yard was absolutely filled to the brim with cactuses of all shapes and sizes, with a sign reading ‘Orana Cactus World’! Curiosity getting the better of us, we did a quick U-turn to investigate. It was there we met Lester Meyers, the owner and operator of Orana Cactus World. Lester is one of the nicest people you will ever meet along with his very impressive encyclopaedic knowledge of cactuses. He certainly is the David Attenborough of the cactus world. My only regret was we couldn’t stay longer and chat too as we had a schedule to keep.