Frank, 2007 by Simone Stabb

image of Frank 2007 by Simone Stabb

Artist's statement

Frank is Stabb's 98-year-old paternal grandfather. The portrait was taken in Frank's Ringwood home where he has lived for 30 years. Frank lives alone since Stella, his wife, died 13 years ago and takes great pride in keeping his house and garden in perfect order. He served in World War 2 and has outlived all friends; he wakes up each morning surprised to still be here. The photographer, Stabb, graduated from RMIT TAFE with a Diploma of Arts (Applied Photography) in 2001. She was a finalist in the Photographic Portrait Prize 06 at The Art Gallery of NSW and has had work in several Melbourne group shows. Stabb is a regular contributing photographer for The Melbourne Magazine.