Slow motion @ 300kms per hour Mark ‘Sparky’ Webber, Formula 1 driver, 2016 by Gino Zardo

image of Slow motion @ 300kms per hour Mark ‘Sparky’ Webber, Formula 1 driver 2016 by Gino Zardo

Artist's statement

‘Sparky’ is a nickname given to Mark by his grandfather Clive. This portrait is a dedication to two men who hugely influenced both Mark and me, through their humour, morals and values. I had the privilege to work alongside Clive and Alan (Mark’s father) at their family business, Bridge Motors, a petrol station in Queanbeyan, NSW. I was given responsibilities there at a very young age, which gave me the confidence in my formative years to pursue my dreams. This photo was taken at my current address, Webber Place, when the universe aligned for us both to be in Queanbeyan. Mark said, ‘When everything comes together it’s like “slow motion” at speeds in excess of 300km’. The click of a shutter. Sparky and I are Queanbeyan lads who chased the stars, overcoming life’s diversities to fulfil our dreams. I lived in NYC as a photographer for twenty years.