Jon (John Muir), 2008 by Ian Darling

image of Jon (John Muir) 2008 by Ian Darling

Artist's statement

Jon Muir is one of the world’s great explorers and adventurers. He has walked to the North and South poles, climbed Mount Everest alone, and walked solo across Australia. Jon is at his happiest in the Australian Outback. I wanted to capture this spirit on an expedition in the desert. In August 2008 Jon and I walked from Kings Canyon to Uluru. One evening after a 20km walk, Jon suggested we continue and cross Lake Amadeus in the light of the moon. This felt like the perfect place and time to photograph Jon. His face reflects a sense of pure excitement and raw energy after another magical day in the wilderness. Jon is at one with the environment; his face still covered with zinc cream accumulated over the week’s walk, still comfortable in clothes that haven’t been changed for days. This is Jon in his element.