Kew House 2: Bedtime, 2009 by Bronek Kozka

image of Kew House 2: Bedtime 2009 by Bronek Kozka

Artist's statement

Through elaborate tableaux-style portraits of suburban families and couples (in this case the sitters are Damien and Gayle), I am interested in exploring the construction of memory, the shared spaces we inhabit as human beings and the psychological tensions that can arise from sharing these spaces. I portray 'memory' by playing on the ambiguity of fact and fiction in our ability to recall a scene or happening. These photographs are partly truth and partly myth, exploring how memory can confuse and also assure one's construct of a story. It is unclear whether it is night or day, dream or reality, and filmic references are utilised to create a dark and at times depraved construct of the shared spaces we inhabit.