Kim, 2006 by Lisa Garland

image of Kim 2006 by Lisa Garland

Artist's statement

The North West coast of Tasmania is well known for its fertile pastures and rugged coastal landscape. Acres of lush green skirt the cliff tops of Table Cape and spill generously down to the sandy beaches of Boat Harbour, Somerset and Burnie. Farms have remained in the same family for several generations and while this tradition is being gradually eroded by the upsizing of agricultural establishments and the booming forestry industry, the people of the North West exude an inimitable sense of cultural independence. Kim Davison is photographed within his own space. He lives in a room added to the side of his mother's house in Smithton, Tasmania. This space, normally only be seen by friends and family, is in this case exposed to an unfamiliar audience, who become voyeurs, granted unlimited access to a stranger's private realm. We are reminded that how we craft our dwellings is ultimately a subtle act of self-expression.