Krishna and Shreya, 2008 by Damian Bennett

image of Krishna and Shreya 2008 by Damian Bennett

Artist's statement

Krishna and his daughter Shreya were spotted under the shower at Coogee Beach after having just been for a swim. Father and daughter were enjoying one of the hottest days of the year, after Krishna had just received the crushing news he was due to be made redundant. At this time, the Australian economy had just begun its downturn as the rest of the world faced recession. A mechanical engineer originally from India, Krishna shows his resilience and optimism as he sits for this portrait. While Shreya's expression, on the other hand, could almost mistake the viewer into believing she had taken on the burden of his redundancy. The true reason behind her disgruntled look is her feeling of loss at being taken away from her beloved Coogee Beach. The contrast in emotion between the faces of the sitters creates a comical juxtaposition as their roles appear reversed.