Langscape, 2006 by Murray van der Veer

image of Langscape 2006 by Murray van der Veer

Artist's statement

Mark Lang is an extraordinary landscape photographer, producing fine works seen on everything from billboards to postage stamps. If you spend time in the bush with Mark you will sometimes hear him talking to a tree or rock – not out of madness, not even out of his quirky larrikin sense of humor, but rather to genuinely acknowledge the presence of its spirit, in its permanent place in the landscape. Equally remarkable is his commitment to preserving the stories of the landscape his images represent. He is currently working on a book, the culmination of three years of recording the stories of aboriginal elder 'Big Bill' Neidjie, who trained Mark up in the tribal Aboriginal ways of his country. This important work currently occupies Mark as his commitment to sharing his love and respect for this great land with all its occupants.