Nothing to hide, 2006 by Bindi Cole

image of Nothing to hide 2006 by Bindi Cole

Artist's statement

The Daily Telegraph recently boycotted promoting the World Title fight between Anthony Mundine and Pablo Zamora Nievas, reportedly using the full force of its editorial power to punish Mundine for commenting that 'a black player would have to do three or four times more than any other bloke to be a chance in NSW'. The paper alleged that these comments were racist, but published responses such as 'Hey Mundine, go and eat some Coon Cheese and run it off around Nigger Brown Oval' and 'If Mohammad Mundine doesn't like what he sees in the mirror that's his own fault. Go and buy some baby powder haha.' This image responds to the paper's treatment of Mundine, highlighting that Mundine has nothing to hide.