Peter Hadfield OAM from the series ‘People’s Park’, 2012 by Mirek Rzadkowski

image of Peter Hadfield OAM from the series ‘People’s Park’ 2012 by Mirek Rzadkowski

Artist's statement

Peter Hadfield OAM, Executive Officer of Centennial Parklands Foundation, stands amidst pine forest, playing fields and a white picket fence at Centennial Parklands. A former Olympic athlete who competed in the decathlon, Peter won a total of nine Australian Championships in Athletics between 1976 and 1985. He competed at two Olympic Games and two Commonwealth Games, winning the silver medal in 1978 Commonwealth Games in Edmonton. Today, he has the challenging responsibility of managing the Parklands and ensuring its place as a national treasure well beyond the Park's 125th anniversary in 2013. His passion for parklands and his determination will see him through.