Portrait of a Girl Eating, 2006 by Leyla Stevens

image of Portrait of a Girl Eating 2006 by Leyla Stevens

Artist's statement

There is a certain painting by Rene Magritte titled Young Girl Eating a Bird (1927). A young schoolgirl in a velvet dress edged with lace devours unashamedly a bird, as if it were an apple. My friend Sara has always reminded me of someone belonging to another time in history, with her penchant and obsession for old things. There is a rather fragile beauty to her, and yet like the Magritte painting, a taste for the macabre. Rather than aim for a truthful documentation of Sara, my interest as a photographer is to displace and abstract ordinary gestures into unfamiliar situations. To study minute and private moments, our personal rituals: to examine what happens when people are alone.