Raynen, 2018 by Tristan Still

image of Raynen 2018 by Tristan Still

Artist's statement

Surreptitiously, I walk hallways to each room; I close doors achingly, in a backwards manner becoming apparition.

So many of us are encouraged to ‘write ourselves in’, lest we not exist. These days, I’m increasingly returning to moments of holding and witnessing myself, within the realms of the ‘unsaid’, the ‘unseen’, or the ‘unimaginable’. In the privacy of this exchange with myself that does not warrant hearing to be valued, I make some return to not being ‘fully known’. – Raynen

Raynen is a gentle person, their manner reserved. They speak with consideration, pausing before each sentence. This image is from my second shoot with Raynen, on the roof of the co-op where they reside.