Release, 2010 by Donna Gibbons

image of Release 2010 by Donna Gibbons

Artist's statement

Thursday 8.20am February 11, 2010. My father, Rex Brooke Sulway, passed away quite suddenly and peacefully. He was finally released from the anguish of living with Alzheimer's disease. Living in aged care, he was very aware of what was ahead. He often said…"those poor buggers"; referring to the residents in the locked, high-care ward. Dad’s death took us by surprise. He’d told his mate Kevin Grady, that he’d see him in the morning.  Nine months on, I realise now that it was a merciful way for dad to pass from this world. He nurtured in me his love of photography. I had to photograph him in his room one last time, before they took him away. He is finally free.