Shining light, 2008 by Rick Carter

image of Shining light 2008 by Rick Carter

Artist's statement

As a nine year old boy, abandoned at the end of the long driveway leading to a New Zealand orphanage, David Bussau's prospects could not have been bleaker. Though from the back porch of his home in Sydney, David can reflect on the life of how a scared little boy became a millionaire, husband, father and hero to the world's poor. 'I don't think of it as a tough childhood, I think of it as being important and necessary for the activity I'm doing now. I haven't allowed myself to hold on to the experience of growing up, both good and bad.' This year he received one of Australia's most prestigious awards being named the Senior Australian of the Year, recognising 30 years of helping the poor to help themselves, and as Opportunity International's cofounder, one of the first and most influential implementers of microfinance.