Sophie and Mercy, 2016 by Zelko Nedic

image of Sophie and Mercy 2016 by Zelko Nedic

Artist's statement

‘As a first generation African raised in Australia, I had never noticed being from a non-majority race in any situation in my life. When I first saw how beautiful Sophie and I looked photographed together – with our similar skin tones and body types, our big lips, and Sophie’s big curls (although I’ve spent most of my life hiding my own) – an overwhelming sense of realisation and pride came over me that I was a dark-skinned young woman. I am a clear visual and physical representation of Australia’s diversity. For me to never really realise my whole life living here that I am a minority race – and I am of different appearance to most Australians – made me happy to be in such an accepting country. It gives me great hope and confidence in the future for me, my sisters, brothers and children.’