People’s Choice Award 2019

Vote for your favourite portrait in the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2019 and you could win one of our great prizes sponsored by SUNSTUDIOS and Crowne Plaza Canberra!

You can only vote for one portrait and you will receive an email to confirm your vote. Entries close on 25 March 2019.

Prize-winning voters will be notified by email and the winning photographer will be announced by Friday 29 March 2019.

Please make a selection from the finalists below:

image of Adam, Craigieburn 2019 by Yask Desai
image of Callan Bradley Hales (left and right view) 2019 by Shea Kirk
image of Celia inside a watchtower 2019 by Wouter Van de Voorde
image of Morteza Arefifar, Manus Island Detention Centre, 2017 2019 by Adam Ferguson
image of Zara, 18, Babinda, FNQ 2019 by Lee Grant
image of Sumbawa Pride – Life on a Boat With Eleven Kids 2019 by Alex Vaughan
image of Dayannah 2019 by Raphaela Rosella
image of Jackie 2019 by Katrin Koenning
image of Unbreakable 2019 by Dave Laslett
image of Greta In Her Kitchen, 36 weeks 2019 by Alana Holmberg
image of Lost 2019 by Jay Hynes
image of Osher 2019 by Stephen Baccon
image of That’s not my mother 2019 by Rosa Spring Voss
image of Helen Garner in her kitchen 2019 by Mia Mala McDonald
image of Tristan has a bad heart 2019 by Nicholas Garcia
image of Ella in Callala Bay 2019 by Aletheia Casey
image of Stephen Dupont 2019 by Simon Harsent
image of Support system 2019 by Madeline Bishop
image of Portrait of Whitney 2019 by Jordan Madge
image of Mirror identical twins with autism 2019 by Sarah Rhodes
image of Taking the waters 2019 by Rachel Peachey
image of Knox Rocket 2019 by Natalie Nowotarski
image of Troye Sivan 2019 by James Brickwood
image of Alex 2019 by Michael Murchie
image of Untitled 11 2019 by Daniel Boetker-Smith
image of Nelson Earl: Dance – the ephemeral art, Strathfield 2019 by Kellie Leczinska
image of Bum Fluff 2019 by Jodi McConaghy
image of The textiles scientist 2019 by Kate Atkinson
image of Raynen 2019 by Tristan Still
image of Black Dog 2019 by Jamila Toderas
image of Willem 2019 by Julian Kingma
image of Portrait of Deel 2019 by Stef King
image of KB Bailey 2019 by Isabella Capezio
image of A Calm So Deep 2019 by Elizabeth Looker
image of Simon, Docklands 2019 by Alan Weedon
image of Sarker Protick, Artist, Sydney, Australia, 2018 2019 by Ingvar Kenne
image of Abdullah in his room 2019 by Max Mason-Hubers
image of Portrait of Tracey Briggs 2019 by Rod McNicol
image of My Brother’s family 2019 by Joel Pratley