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image of Lindy Lee – Birth and Death 2007 by Robert Scott-Mitchell

In 2007 the inaugural National Photographic Portrait Prize was launched and the winner was Robert Scott-Mitchell for his portrait Lindy Lee – Birth and Death.

Since its inception the National Portrait Gallery has displayed a dedication and enthusiasm for both Australian and International photography. The Gallery has staged many popular solo photographic exhibitions by renowned photographers and the Gallery’s permanent collection holds an impressive body of photographic works created by some of Australia’s most talented photographers.

The judges selected 75 portraits for the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2007.

JUDGES: Andrew Sayers, Director, National Portrait Gallery; Michael Desmond, Curator, National Portrait Gallery; Naomi Cass, guest judge, Centre for Contemporary Photography Melbourne.

image of Margo Kingston 2007 by Elaine Campaner
image of Bishop Spong 2007 by Marina Dearnley
image of Music for the Soul 2007 by Rick Carter
image of Home 6 Hedy Zahalka 2007 by Anne Zahalka
image of Demons 2007 by Simon Peterswald
image of John Williams 2007 by Graham McCarter
image of Martin Mishkulnig 2007 by Ingvar Kenne
image of Langscape 2007 by Murray van der Veer
image of Solitude 2007 by Anna Osk Erlingsdottir
image of Rebel in hiding 2007 by Lindsay Moller
image of Johnny 2007 by Sean Hobbs
image of Dan on Winter Solstice Eve 2007 by Mark Kimber
image of Rosita 2007 by Chris Budgeon
image of Kody 2007 by Matthew Stanton
image of In the Lounge 2007 by North Sullivan
image of ‘Red Terra’ – Black Activist: A portrait of Gary Foley 2007 by Rod McNicol
image of Kim 2007 by Lisa Garland
image of Gulpilil (David) Dreaming – Kakadu 2006 2007 by George Fetting
image of Frank 2007 by Simone Stabb
image of Mary 2007 by Bo Wong
image of Caroline Barton 2007 by Jim Rolon
image of Steven Heathcote 2007 by Julian Kingma
image of Jon Campbell 2007 by Terence Bogue
image of Portrait of a Girl Eating 2007 by Leyla Stevens
image of Faye 2007 by Di Barrett
image of The Hunting Lodge (The Dogs Breakfast Group) 2007 by Jules Boag
image of Dad at 93 years old 2007 by Gary Heery
image of Elia 2007 by Alan Lesheim
image of Gus and full moon at the farm 2007 by Amanda James
image of Australian Portrait 2007 by David Helsham
image of Barry 2007 by Bronek Kozka
image of Tarcissius 2007 by Heide Smith
image of Gav & Ray 2007 by Richard Walker
image of The Twins 2007 by Karen Donnelly
image of Mamdouh 2007 by Renee Nowytager
image of Mr Walford 2007 by Dean Golja
image of Jakob Ryle Schulz 2007 by Dirk-Michael Schulz
image of Mark hanging at the beach 2007 by Wendy McDougall
image of Geoffrey Rush 2007 by William Yang
image of Lucy 2007 by Sally McInerney
image of Alice in Wonderland 2007 by Suzi Lyon
image of Rocking the boat 2007 by Mark Tedeschi
image of McLean Edwards 2007 by Gary Grealy
image of Saint Catherine (Catherine Hamlin) 2007 by Nigel Brennan
image of The boys 2007 by Roslyn Oades
image of Martin 2007 by Gregory McBean
image of Kill them with kindness 2007 by Alex Kershaw
image of Untitled 2007 by Justin Bernhaut
image of Make Hay 2007 by David Anderson
image of Sulyn and her sisters 2007 by Rob Walls
image of Male Domains – The Pub #4 2007 by Regan Kennedy
image of Brendan NT 2007 by Conor O'Brien
image of Tyson 2007 by Nikki Toole
image of Unnamed 9 2007 by Toni Wilkinson
image of Paul Kelly 2007 by Martin Philbey
image of Friends’ Farewell 2007 by Leslie Arnott
image of Don Walker 2007 by Nathan David Kelly
image of Peter Robinson Lingerie Importer 2007 by Vasili Vasiliadis
image of 10pm-1am # 7 2007 by Simon Obarzanek
image of Dreams 2007 by Rahima Hayes
image of Jem 2007 by Trent Parke
image of Water as Life: The Town of Wilcannia and the Darling/Baaka 2007 by Ruby Davies
image of In the shower 2007 by Jane Burton
image of Self-portrait 2007 by Jozef Vissel
image of Nothing to hide 2007 by Bindi Cole
image of Alyssa 2007 by David Knight
image of Rosemary 2007 by Petrina Hicks
image of Unconditional Love 2007 by Samuel Khusunawi
image of Narrow past 2007 by Gary Deirmendjian
image of Yumi on fire one and a half hours before the eclipse of the moon 2007 by Zorica Purlija
image of My pregnant wife 2007 by Regis Martin
image of ‘This is our land’ 2007 by Hari Ho
image of Lindy Lee – Birth and Death 2007 by Robert Scott-Mitchell
image of She Fell Asleep During the Movie 2007 by Grant Hawkes
image of Thomas Christensen 2007 by Mark Rogers