Previous years: 2009

image of Cormac and Callum 2009 by Ingvar Kenne

The winning work for 2009 was Cormac and Callum by Ingvar Kenne.

The judges selected 57 portraits for the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2009.

Of the winning work the judges said, ‘…we were impressed by the potent connection that is evoked between the subjects in the photograph and the viewer. The portrait is powerfully direct. We also appreciated the complex compositional qualities and sculptural sense of space within the photograph, and its technical excellence.

JUDGES: Andrew Sayers, Director, National Portrait Gallery; Dr Christopher Chapman, Curator, National Portrait Gallery; Sarah Miller, guest judge, Head of the School of Music and Drama at the University of Wollongong.

image of Was it worth it? 2009 by Gail Devine
image of Fearless leader 2009 by Rosalind Smallwood
image of Storm in a teacup 2009 by Nyani Quarmyne
image of Shall I be mother? 2009 by Mark Tedeschi
image of Betty Churcher 2009 by Dean Golja
image of Surrounded by music 2009 by Heide Smith
image of Treaties for madmen only 2009 by Matthew Regan
image of Common ground 2009 by Dean Sewell
image of Nina and Paul 2009 by Emma Thomson
image of Geoffrey Legge and Frank Watters 2009 by Gary Grealy
image of Taylor Shorncliffe 2009 by Bradley Wagner
image of Stuart 2009 by David Finnegan
image of Time regained (the assistant) 2009 by Tara Shield
image of Lost in thought 2009 by Quentin Jones
image of Antonio Tisano 2009 by Vittoria Dussoni
image of Geoffrey Legge and Frank Watters 2009 by Gary Grealy
image of Puddled state 2009 by David Wills
image of Determined 2009 by David Anderson
image of The boy 2009 by Petrina Hicks
image of Reflection of youth 2009 by Kevin Miller
image of Portrait of mother (after Mirka) 2009 by Nat Thomas & Concettina Inserra
image of Little joys 2009 by Chris Mangan
image of The painter 2009 by Jozef Vissel
image of Brian Ebersole – Cage fighter 2009 by Sam Ruttyn
image of Cormac and Callum 2009 by Ingvar Kenne
image of Charles Blackman 2009 by Sahlan Hayes
image of A change of Federal Government 2009 by Mark Arundel
image of Krishna and Shreya 2009 by Damian Bennett
image of Dimitri 2009 by Andrew Babarczy
image of Dichotomia 2009 by Peter Brew-Bevan
image of Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu 2009 by Adam Knott
image of Shining light 2009 by Rick Carter
image of David Terrazas ING Group 2009 by Montalbetti+Campbell
image of Ruby 2009 by Chris Budgeon
image of Adrian and Caren at home 2009 by Anthony Browell
image of Paddy Mann 2009 by David Van Royen
image of A couple of million words: Humphrey McQueen 2009 by Karen Donnelly
image of Still life with vanitas symbols (after David Bailly) 2009 by Kevin Best
image of Tim…Soldier 2009 by Sarah Long
image of Transition 2009 by Bronek Kozka
image of John Cann and his father 2009 by Hugh Stewart
image of The heart that is theirs 2009 by Lisa Tomasetti
image of The Perch Creek Family Jugband 2009 by John Van-Den-Broeke
image of Julian 2009 by Zorica Purlija
image of Carol sewing 2009 by Greg Weight
image of Jon (John Muir) 2009 by Ian Darling
image of Len Green 2009 by David Sandison
image of The aviator 2009 by Robyn Buckley
image of Bruce Pascoe 2009 by Kim Batterham
image of Philip 2009 by Kate Lewis
image of Daniel 2009 by Nikki Toole
image of Adam Cullen 2009 by Stephen Oxenbury
image of George and Donny 2009 by Justin Spiers
image of Pat and Lewis Morley 50 years on 2009 by Peter Luck
image of Second thoughts 2009 by Brad Mitchell
image of Assorted toppings 2009 by Anthony Begovic
image of Rowan McNamara 2009 by Mark Rogers