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image of Zareth 2010 by Scott Bycroft

The winner of the National Photographic Portrait Prize for 2010 was Zareth by Scott Bycroft.

The judges selected 43 portraits for the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2010.

Of the winning work, Dr Chapman said, ‘Bycroft’s work was selected for its immediacy and power, its distinctiveness as a portrait, and for its direct presence. The subject, Zareth Long, projects an uncompromising gaze, drawing us physically closer, to then explore the razor-sharp photographic depiction. Every detail is so clear and finely realised, creating an unquestionably compelling portrait that is a strong and positive representation of youth‘.

JUDGES: Dr Christopher Chapman, Curator, National Portrait Gallery; Joanna Gilmour, Assistant Curator, National Portrait Gallery; Kim Machan, guest judge, Director Multimedia Art Asia Pacific.

image of Tessa 2010 by Jake Wotherspoon
image of Taylor Square 2010 by Diego Ibanez
image of Moonbird boy 2010 by Matthew Newton
image of Zareth 2010 by Scott Bycroft
image of Vinh (Mario’s uniform) 2010 by Michelle Tran
image of Midday in the squat 2010 by Hannah Robinson
image of Brandon Walters – Overawed 2010 by John Hegarty
image of Rammey Ramsey 2010 by Michelle Newton
image of Lisa 2010 by Zorica Purlija
image of Young Australian #3 2010 by Vittoria Dussoni
image of Michael Field 2010 by Remi Chauvin
image of James 2010 by Nicole Marie
image of The Boss 2010 by Chris Budgeon
image of Paul Capsis as his grandmother Angela 2010 by Michael Corridore
image of Future Australian 2010 by Robin Sellick
image of Transition 2010 by Harry Scott
image of My father the artist 2010 by Jason McCarthy
image of Gunther Gorman 2010 by Peter West
image of Gori Bougainville 2010 by Stuart Miller
image of Gurkirat 2010 by Rod McNicol
image of The Duots: a family portrait 2010 by Lee Grant
image of Douglas 2010 by Philip Hutchison Barry
image of The steam apprentice 2010 by Gary Steer
image of Master chef 2010 by Andrew Sheargold
image of Dame Elisabeth Murdoch 2010 by Richard Kendall
image of Junior Maggie 2010 by Warwick Baker
image of Joseph and Worm 2010 by Justin Spiers
image of Louise 2010 by Jacqueline Mitelman
image of Sisters baking 2010 by Hamish Gregory
image of The shield 2010 by James Geer
image of Creator versus character – Chris Lilley 2010 by John Tsiavis
image of Daniel at thirteen 2010 by Rozalind Drummond
image of Kew House 2: Bedtime 2010 by Bronek Kozka
image of Angel of the Gap 2010 by Sahlan Hayes
image of Brian and Gene 2010 by Gary Grealy
image of Lipstick 2010 by John Sones
image of Plenty 2010 by Anton Perry
image of Alexis Wright 2010 by Ingvar Kenne
image of David Carter London 2010 by Dave Tacon
image of Fritz and the Peach 2010 by Tim Georgeson
image of Kingdom 2010 by Tom Cramond
image of Karina 2010 by Nikki Toole
image of Owen Yalandja 2010 by Stephen Oxenbury