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image of Miss Alesandra 2011 by Jacqueline Mitelman

The winner of the National Photographic Portrait Prize for 2011 was Miss Alesandra by Jacqueline Mitelman.

The judges selected 55 portraits for the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2011.

Judge Louise Doyle commented that ‘What kept coming up in these portraits was the very personal relationships between sitter and photographer that hadn’t been as apparent in previous prize exhibitions. Whether it be a parent to child or partner to partner relationship, or very close friends, it seemed to me that these images were expressing an intimacy that reflects how we see ourselves and those close to us; a celebration of connectedness.

JUDGES: Louise Doyle, Director, National Portrait Gallery; Dr Sarah Engledow, Curator, National Portrait Gallery; Dr Christopher Chapman, Curator, National Portrait Gallery; Dr Domenico de Clario, guest judge, Director, Experimental Art Foundation Adelaide.

image of Bruno and Batman 2011 by Andrew Cowen
image of Binowee 2011 by Murray Vanderveer
image of Clare and Bella 2011 by Lee Grant
image of Vicki Lee and Billy Higginson 2011 by Jim Rolon
image of Cowboy Wilson Birds 2011 by Tobias Rowles
image of Les and Eileen 2011 by Alex Vaughan
image of Will 2011 by Martin Smith
image of Enrico Taglietti 2011 by Vikky Wilkes
image of Miss Alesandra 2011 by Jacqueline Mitelman
image of The gift 2011 by Charlotte Julien
image of Sixteen 2011 by Janet Tavener
image of Cailynn 2011 by Kobie Nel
image of Untitled 4539 2011 by Paul Foley
image of Halloween – Sam Slater and Andy Lavender 2011 by Raoul Slater
image of Harbour road 2011 by Gibson Nolte
image of My father Michael 2011 by Claire Chau
image of Bearded man 2011 by Astrid Piepschyk
image of Jesse 2011 by Lia Steele
image of My ancestors myself and my alternate 2011 by Phuong Ngo
image of Sisters 2011 by John Van-Den-Broeke
image of Reflection 2011 by Imants Larsens
image of Selfless 2011 by Melissa Wood
image of Runners 2011 by David Kelly
image of Jess Danny and Mia 2011 by Marzena Wasikowska
image of Young girl in a dance class waiting to be photographed 2011 by John Slaytor
image of Napoleon I – Emperor of the French 2011 by Alexia Sinclair
image of Samantha Harris 2011 by Hamish Ta-mé
image of The press conference 2011 by Jeremy Thompson
image of Stu 2011 by Cheryl McMaster
image of Charlotte Dark 2011 by Michael Miller
image of Kumantjayi 2011 by Rhett Hammerton
image of Hyena 2011 by Danny Cohen
image of Single parent Robert Smith-Goode housing commission flats 2011 by Jenny Hodge
image of Harriet blind 2011 by Charles McKean
image of Release 2011 by Donna Gibbons
image of Father and son 2011 by Sean Fennessy
image of Katsuya 2011 by Louis Petruccelli
image of Wan Lan Xini 2011 by Greg Weight
image of John no. 11 2011 by Alex Cyreszko
image of Gone to heaven 2011 by Sommer Atkinson
image of Play 2011 by Tianqin Sheng
image of James 2011 by Dean McCartney
image of The way out is the way through 2011 by Richard Martin
image of Play 2011 by Sarah Rhodes
image of Untitled #1 2011 by Sean O’Carroll
image of Gender not specified 2011 by John McRae
image of Cary Fukunaga and Jamie Bell 2011 by Mia Wasikowska
image of Cloning experiment #3 The many mes 2011 by Yanni Scott-Davis
image of Robert 2011 by CJ Taylor
image of Stormtroopers 2011 by Scott Newett
image of Mr King was once on Countdown 2011 by Ben Searcy
image of Bob Hawke 2011 by David Young
image of Nic 2011 by Phil Roubin
image of The blue of the dawn 2011 by Vittoria Dussoni
image of Tokyo 2011 by Lisa Tomasetti