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image of Jack Charles 2012 by Rod McNicol

The winner of the 2012 prize was Roderick McNicol for his portrait of Jack Charles.

The judges selected 44 portraits for the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2012.

The judges commented; ‘In a society so saturated with photographs – many of them so easily and dismissively taken, and disposed of just as easily – it’s easy to become blasé about the potency of photography; or to forget that there are such things as portrait photographs that can stop you in your tracks. The works in the 2012 National Photographic Portrait Prize, though, are the type of photos that remind you of photography’s endless possibilities for capturing emotions, personalities, experiences and states of being – and for conveying all of these with freshness and immediacy.

JUDGES: Joanna Gilmour, Curator, National Portrait Gallery; Louise Doyle, Director, National Portrait Gallery; Blair French, guest judge, Director of Artspace Sydney.

image of Tom Keneally 2012 by James Brickwood
image of Lady Flo 2012 by Russell Shakespeare
image of Portrait of Margaret Olley in her Paddington studio 2012 by John McRae
image of Shane Balcomb aka. Sasha Trajik-Mole drag queen 2012 by David Kelly
image of Millie 2012 by Louise Whelan
image of Hanna and Reda 2012 by Ingvar Kenne
image of Dan Sultan 2012 by
image of Lucky Day 2012 by Nikki Toole
image of Acting 2012 by Daniel Boud
image of The Chess Player 2012 by Andrew Campbell
image of Jeffrey Smart Tuscany June 8 2012 by David Tacon
image of Tami 2012 by Peter West
image of Edmund Capon 2012 by Gary Grealy
image of Mum 2012 by Christopher Pearce
image of Farewell My Son 2012 by Dale Neill
image of Ned 2012 by Benjamin Liew
image of Janai and Josh 2012 by Simon Harsent
image of Monkey business 2012 by Alina Gozin'a
image of Teurai 2012 by BILLIEJEANISNOTMYLOVER
image of At the bus stop 2012 by Brenton McGeachie
image of Aadi and Alamelu Ganesan 2012 by Sandra Ramacher
image of Eden 2012 by Arianne McNaught
image of Sayeh: from the series Iranians 2012 by Aletheia Casey
image of Mel 2012 by Heather Faulkner
image of Olive 2012 by David Glazebrook
image of Richard Neville 2012 by Graham McCarter
image of The Mourners 2012 by Georgia Metaxas
image of Cameron Amelia and Sariah 2012 by Aaron Puls
image of Gil Askey 2012 by Titian Scheffer
image of No junk mail 2012 by Juli Balla
image of Mojsze Preisz 2012 by Domas Rukas
image of Creative angst 2012 by Mark Tedeschi
image of Transition: Nikki & Nick 2012 by Emma Phillips
image of Alexandra Schepisi 2012 by Anita Beaney
image of Jack Charles 2012 by Rod McNicol
image of Fiona Scott-Norman 2012 by Miles Standish
image of Emmanuel at bedtime 2012 by George Mifsud
image of For a pittance 2012 by Mine Konakci
image of The vigil 2012 by Anthony Anderton
image of Stockyards 2012 by Adrian Brown
image of Frog Hunter Damien Wurrkidj 2012 by Matthew Abbott
image of Peta 2012 by Eryca Green
image of Noel Charlie 2012 by Tobias Titz
image of The 70 year old jetty jumper 2012 by Alex Frayne