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image of Yhonnie and Indiana 2013 by Janelle Low

Janelle Low won the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2013 for her portrait Yhonnie and Indiana.

The judges selected 53 portraits for the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2013.

Of the finalists; Joanna Gilmour said that they ‘…captured sitters occupying all points of the spectrum: old and young; exuberant and contemplative; beautiful and curious; world famous and completely unknown. Along with different approaches to portraiture, there is great variety of emotion represented in the exhibition‘.

JUDGES: Joanna Gilmour, Curator, National Portrait Gallery; Louise Doyle, Director, National Portrait Gallery; Martyn Jolly, guest judge, artist and author.

image of Chris Lilley 2013 by John Tsiavis
image of Carly 2013 by Nick Bowers
image of Yhonnie and Indiana 2013 by Janelle Low
image of Retired Mounted Policeman 2013 by Paul Mallam
image of Portrait of Ingvar Kenne 2013 by Simon Harsent
image of The veteran 2013 by Vitek Skonieczny
image of Morse coder 2013 by Richard Goodwin
image of Les Enfants du Paradis 2013 by Tracey Schramm
image of Ivan and Lillian 2013 by Margot Sharman
image of Bain Stewart 2013 by Ray Lawrence
image of Eddie Liu 2013 by David Kelly
image of McCaughey Street Turner 1959 2013 by Heather Corrigan
image of Face of South Sudan 2013 by Melanie Faith Dove
image of Rob and Kayla 2013 by Tom Psomotragos
image of Woman child and a parrot 2013 by Stephen Dupont
image of Robyn Nevin 2013 by Gary Heery
image of To Bare all 2013 by Nicholas Duell
image of The Singer 2013 by Richard Payne
image of Reg 2013 by James Brickwood
image of Jenny Sages – artist 2013 by Gary Grealy
image of Peter Silverton NSW 2013 by Krystal Seigerman
image of Kaloti Parmjit 2013 by Louise Whelan
image of What the world needs now is love 2013 by Jeremy Shaw
image of Train travellers 2013 by John Van-Den-Broeke
image of Steph and Steve 2013 by Zelko Nedic
image of Untitled #1 2013 by Ahmad Sabra
image of Judy 2013 by Sally Robinson
image of Jack 2013 by Julie Robyn Sundberg
image of Granny’s 90th 2013 by Katherine Bennett
image of Shirley and the Kookaburras 2013 by Heather Shirley Fernon
image of Confronted 2013 by Tim Tam
image of Bruce Pascoe 2013 by Ivan Gaal
image of David Stratton 2013 by Sharon Zwi
image of Vincent 2013 by Linda Wachtel
image of The Living Room 2013 by Janet Tavener
image of Room 301 2013 by Jacqueline Felstead
image of Redfern I love you – Alan 2013 by Ben Lawrence
image of James 2013 by Myles Nelson
image of Ricardo Frank 2013 by Graham Caughley
image of Harry 2013 by Milena Bennett
image of Bean no more 2013 by Quentin Jones
image of Family Fun 2013 by Sarah Bannister
image of Birds’ nests 2013 by Rewa Nolan
image of Wyatt 2013 by Daniel Arnaldi
image of Peter Hadfield OAM from the series ‘People’s Park’ 2013 by Mirek Rzadkowski
image of The uncertain recovery 2013 by Arianne McNaught
image of Katie and Jaylen Cornish 2013 by Morganna Magee
image of Becky feeding Hazel 2013 by Louise Allerton
image of Dennis Del Favero 2013 by Hamish Ta-mé
image of Millie 2013 by Phil Roubin
image of Ahn & Pete The Bus Stop Project 2013 by Simone Darcy
image of Michael and The Message 2013 by Adele Bishop
image of Bonnie 2013 by Charlie White