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image of Matthew Martin 2014 by Andrew Cowen

The 2014 winner of the National Photographic Portrait Prize was Andrew Cowe for his portrait of Matthew Martin.

Inaugural Highly Commended: David Apostol, Untitled.

The judges selected 45 portraits for the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2014.

Judges’ statement: ‘The 2014 Prize was diverse, as usual. Throughout the selection process, the photographic portraits that continued to rise to the top told us something deep about the sitter. We were looking for portraits that gave a strong sense of the person depicted. When it came down to the final judging, our top ten, then three, then two, showed us an increasingly subtle and real sense of the person in the portrait. The winning portrait was striking in its minimalism and it showed a cloudy complexity of thinking – the person in the portrait is looking outwards and inwards.

JUDGES: Dr Sarah Engledow, Curator, National Portrait Gallery; Dr Christopher Chapman, Senior Curator, National Portrait Gallery; Greg Weight, guest judge, photographer.

image of Closer to Heaven 2014 by Molly Harris
image of The conscious unconscious Saturday morning sleep in 2014 by Justin Aaron Spaull
image of Michael 2014 by Benjamin Galli
image of Ties van Kempen 2014 by Dean Beletich
image of Matthew Martin 2014 by Andrew Cowen
image of Raphael and his children 2014 by Ferne Millen
image of Untitled 2014 by David Apostol
image of The Butcher’s Daughter 2014 by Paul Raymond Beutel
image of The Last Season – Jake Toohey 2014 by Nikki Toole
image of Julia Gillard 2014 by Matthew Newton
image of Portrait of Minika 2014 by Grace Costa
image of Paddy Ellis – Lightning Ridge Opal Miner 2014 by Adam Knott
image of John Waters #1 2014 by George Fetting
image of Martin Sharp – Graceland 2014 by Jon Lewis
image of Refugee twins in limbo 2014 by Jon Andrew Love
image of Ring Master 2014 by Jennifer Voudiotis
image of Alex and Doug Dunn 2014 by James Brickwood
image of War hero 2014 by Peter Brew-Bevan
image of Old Parts 2014 by Donna Lee Stevens
image of Thirty Three Weeks 2014 by David Roberts
image of Queen’s Birthday Weekend 2014 by Alan Hill and Kelly Hussey-Smith
image of Our Dog Maxie 2014 by Sonia Macak
image of Neil Gaiman The Sandman 2014 by Tamara Dean
image of Daniel 2014 by Astrid Piepschyk
image of Reg 2014 by Steven William Siewert
image of Fatima 2014 by Andrew Tsangarides
image of Empowerment 2014 by Tamika Morrison
image of Danny 2014 by Daniel Arnaldi
image of Adalita Srsen 2014 by Anita Louise Beaney
image of Lah Wah 2014 by Hardy Lohse
image of Gemma 2014 by Michael Murchie
image of Vishwananda (Graham) 2014 by Lucia Rossi
image of Chicken Pox 2014 by Dean Dampney
image of Saltwater Cowboys 2014 by Tamara Voninski
image of Sophie 2014 by Sarah Rhodes
image of Cousins 2014 by Leigh Harris
image of Tony Abbott 2014 by Michael Bowers
image of The Art Lovers – Megan 2014 by Gary Grealy
image of Andrew 2014 by Andrew M Lance
image of Sentinel 2014 by Hamish Ta-mé
image of Matt Maunder – Skenes Creek 2014 by Timothy Stuart Hillier
image of Boy in cycling gear 2014 by Vittoria Dussoni
image of Crowned Madonna with kids 2014 by Fiona Wolf-Symeonides
image of Peter O’Doherty 2014 by Stuart Mark Spence
image of Atef 2014 by Alex Weltlinger