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image of Portrait of Ali 2015 by Hoda Afshar

The winner of the 2015 National Photographic Portrait Prize was Hoda Afshar for her Portrait of Ali.

Highly Commended: Katherine Williams, Barry & Alkirra – The House in Carrington.

Inaugural People’s Choice Award: Natalie Grono, Feather and the Goddess Pool.

The judges selected 44 portraits for the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2015.

JUDGES: Dr Christopher Chapman, Senior Curator, National Portrait Gallery; Angus Trumble, Director, National Portrait Gallery; Nikki Toole, guest judge, photographer.

image of My home 2015 by Peter Blakeman
image of Joey 2015 by Elke Meitzel
image of Odysseus 2015 by Bill Gekas
image of James – back to life 2015 by Alan McDonald
image of Not so remote 2015 by Philip Myers
image of Sophie and Ann Cape – artists 2015 by Gary Grealy
image of First line in the water 2015 by Reece McMillan
image of Portrait of Ali 2015 by Hoda Afshar
image of Who’s that lady? 2015 by Ferne Millen
image of Thomas from series Bois to Men 2015 by Monique Montfroy
image of Ronnie Howard still dancing 2015 by Ivan Gaal
image of Sasha and Gus 2015 by Amanda James
image of Feather and the Goddess Pool 2015 by Natalie Grono
image of Jezeril II 2015 by Douglas Lance Gibson
image of Jokowi, Indonesia  by Adam Ferguson
image of Sebastien Malone 2015 by Juliet Taylor
image of The Dame 2015 by Brock Elbank
image of Barry & Alkirra – The House in Carrington 2015 by Katherine Williams
image of Tom and Pepper 2015 by Michael Kennedy
image of Jessica 2015 by Brett Canet-Gibson
image of Blue 2015 by Adrian P Connelly
image of Joel, Mitchell Queensland  by Matthew Abbott
image of Kid A 2015 by Joshua Morris
image of A look I’ve never seen before 2015 by Ketakii Jewson-Brown
image of Divine 2015 by Hugh Peachey
image of Christine (self portrait) 2015 by Christine Arnaldi
image of Ela Stiles 2015 by Max Doyle
image of The morticians 2015 by Rohan Thomson
image of Youthful intrigue 2015 by Stuart Elwin
image of Negotiating a family portrait – a study of history, myth and identity  by Marzena Wasikowska
image of Former prime ministers of Australia 2015 by Alex Ellinghausen
image of The Christening 2015 by Sarah Rhodes
image of Lyndon 2015 by Janie Barrett
image of Catherine in black silk gown 2015 by Chris Budgeon
image of My friend Siu’s dear mother, Mrs Chan  by Rod McNicol
image of Matilda after the match 2015 by Andrew Merry
image of Chest piece 2015 by Jeremy Shaw
image of Beau & Leon 2015 by David Rosendale
image of Now we must climb higher 2015 by Mark Hopper
image of Man of many faces 2015 by Jason Ierace
image of Cactus World, Lester Meyers  by Man Tsun Cheung
image of HOMELAND The importance of place 2015 by Dave Laslett
image of Strikethrough (self portrait) 2015 by Sarah Walker
image of Call Me Daddy 2015 by Claire Elizabeth Wilson