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image of Life Dancers 2016 by Elizabeth Looker

The winner of the 2016 National Photographic Portrait Prize was Elizabeth Looker for her portrait Life Dancers.

Highly Commended: Sean Davey, Asha on North Brother.

Inaugural Art Handler’s Award: Matthew Newton, On Albatross Island.

People’s Choice Award: David Darcy, Levi Miller on the set of Red Dog: True Blue.

The judges selected 49 portraits for the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2016.

JUDGES: Penelope Grist, Assistant Curator, National Portrait Gallery; Dr Christopher Chapman, Senior Curator, National Portrait Gallery; Narelle Autio, guest judge, photographer.

image of Polly Borland 2016 by John Tsiavis
image of Sage 2016 by Jacinta Short
image of Luis and Finn – two scruffy buddies 2016 by Ralph Whitten
image of Free Range Cousins 2016 by Jennifer Stocks
image of The Chameleon IV 2016 by Samantha McAdam-Cooper
image of Jordie 2016 by Jeremy Shaw
image of The First Meal 2016 by Reece McMillan
image of The Lino Hunter 2016 by Janet Tavener
image of Nobby Looking Back 2016 by Carol Elvin
image of Rowan Thomas 2016 by Graham Caughley
image of My room 2016 by Anna Sinclair
image of Self-portrait 2016 by Rod McNicol
image of Glitter and colour on the streets of Erskineville 2016 by John McRae
image of Tiffany 2016 by Brett Canet-Gibson
image of Sisters Isla and Elki role-play as princesses 2016 by Natalie Grono
image of Life Dancers 2016 by Elizabeth Looker
image of EVA 2016 by Stephanie Simcox
image of Meika IV 2016 by Michael Murchie
image of Shogun 2016 by Joshua Morris
image of Catherine 2016 by Lynette Letic
image of Cliffy 2016 by Rhett Hammerton
image of The Voyage 2016 by Tina Fiveash
image of Boys & their cars 2016 by Lisa Ivandich
image of Self-portrait with flowers (presumed native) 2016 by Liam James
image of Neighbourhood Watch 2016 by Melissa Osborn
image of Dusty and Jed 2016 by Louise Whelan
image of Shaun 2016 by Ben McNamara
image of Levi Miller on the set of "Red Dog: True Blue" 2016 by David Darcy
image of Asha on North Brother, NSW, 2015 2016 by Sean Davey
image of Kurt Coleman – Literally Me 2016 by Aaron Smith
image of Ben 2016 by Robert Hague
image of The Renaissance #1 2016 by Renée Stamatova
image of Fostin outside his mum’s, Kings Park, Melbourne  by Nicola Dracoulis
image of Marlon Williams 2016 by Dean Golja
image of Isaiah, arms and legs folded 2016 by Marc Bowden
image of King Kamanda 2016 by Ella Rubeli
image of Olga and her blanket 2016 by Katherine Griffiths
image of Fox Place 2016 by Mikhaila Jurkiewicz
image of The little beachcomber 2016 by Nicholas Samartis
image of Miles and Arkie 2016 by Clint Peloso
image of On Albatross Island 2016 by Matthew Newton
image of Charlotte 11.005479 2016 by Michael Miller
image of Heath 2015  by Matthew Abbott
image of Soft and Sophia 2016 by
image of William 2016 by Sandra Lamonaca
image of The night watcher 2016 by Annette Ruzicka
image of Neato with Daniel 2016 by James Geer
image of Oscar 2016 by Charlie White