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image of Richard Morecroft and Alison Mackay 2017 by Gary Grealy

The winner of the 2017 National Photographic Portrait Prize was Gary Grealy for his portrait of Richard Morecroft and Alison Mackay.

Highly Commended: John Benavente, Renaissance Rose and Brett Canet-Gibson, Mastura.

Art Handler’s Award: Tobias Titz, Bobby Bunungurr.

People’s Choice Award: Brett Canet-Gibson, Trevor Jamieson.

JUDGES: Joanna Gilmour, Curator, National Portrait Gallery; Dr Sarah Engledow, Curator, National Portrait Gallery; George Fetting, guest judge, photographer.

image of Alex Perry 2017 by Nic Walker
image of The gin-soaked effervescence of Libby and Maeve 2017 by Patrick Boland
image of Renaissance Rose 2017 by John Benavente
image of Fatima 2017 by Anu Kumar
image of Untitled 3 2017 by Jo Cripps
image of My two sides 2017 by David Anthony Knight
image of Paul, Bankstown 2017 by Lyndal Irons
image of Eva and Finn 2017 by Noah John Thompson
image of A moment 2017 by Millie Brown
image of You look like a … Matthew 2017 by Cherine Fahd
image of David 2017 by Chase Middleton
image of Nix 2017 by Elke Meitzel
image of Lucinda with stung eye 2017 by Jon Reid
image of Slow motion @ 300kms per hour Mark ‘Sparky’ Webber, Formula 1 driver 2017 by Gino Zardo
image of Sole 2017 by Mark Stanjo
image of The reservoir 2 2017 by Stephanie Rose Simcox
image of David 2017 by David Darcy
image of Ninety-nine-and-three-quarters 2017 by Nic Duncan
image of Brad ‘Gaggsy’ Gallagher at a Bachelor and Spinsters Ball, Tooradin, Victoria 2017 by Ingvar Kenne
image of Ricki 2017 by Chris Budgeon
image of Mastura 2017 by Brett Canet-Gibson
image of Richard Morecroft and Alison Mackay 2017 by Gary Grealy
image of Luke and Nacoya 2017 by Daniel Sponiar
image of Mother and child 2017 by Terry Hartin
image of Skin deep 2017 by Robyn MacRae
image of Nasty, before the dam 2017 by Charlie White
image of Bobby Bunungurr 2017 by Tobias Titz
image of Boobook 2017 by CJ Taylor
image of Cameron and the prosthetic arm 2017 by Steve Wise
image of Return 2017 by Philip Myers
image of The hermit 2017 by Alex Frayne
image of Portrait of a young Aussie, Matuse Peace 2017 by John McRae
image of Jonno and Api 2017 by Joseph Brennan
image of Currents 2017 by Natalie Ord
image of We are all family 2017 by Peter McConchie
image of Kuei – The Sea of Gazelles – South Sudan to Oz 2017 by Kellie Leczinska
image of Melanie and sighthounds 2017 by Christopher Pearce
image of Sophie and Mercy 2017 by Zelko Nedic
image of Portrait of Ezgi 2017 by Alana Holmberg
image of Georgia and Angus (Australian Gothic) 2017 by Charlie White
image of The mirror 2017 by Spencer and Lloyd Harvey
image of Anika 2017 by Tristan Still
image of Shannon Dooley and the Retrosweat experience 2017 by Chrissie Hall
image of Rob, homeless in Cooma, NSW 2017 by Greg Nelson
image of The skin I’m in II 2017 by Brian Cassey
image of Gayili Marika – Galupa Safety House 2017 by Peter McConchie
image of Fifteen 2017 by Fiona Morris
image of The man who raised me 2017 by Steven Lloyd
image of Trevor Jamieson 2017 by Brett Canet-Gibson